Friday, February 7, 2020

Interview with Tom Stoppard by Kevin Hendrickson of the Overseer

Interview with Tom Stoppard by Kevin Hendrickson of the OverseerFrom its humble beginnings as the star of the popular television series, The Wonder Years, to its fantastic and long-lasting film franchise, the classic comedy series, Arrested Development, Tom Stoppard essays tend to be popular with a certain fan-base. As the author of a number of well-loved and popular non-fiction works, his love of non-fiction writing has gained a significant following of his own. He has written numerous books, essays, short stories, and magazine articles. His essay writing has earned him numerous awards, including the Australian Literature Award, the Los Angeles Times Award for an essay, and the Prix Distant Writer award, and has earned him the prestigious Robert Buchanan Award.Tom Stoppard is best known for his fiction writing, but has also written several mystery fiction novels. His writing interests have included writing about America, the myth of the United States, and Italy. He is a lover of ani mals, old, and in a sense, everything that he is not.Among the examples of Tom Stoppard's detective stories are An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Huckleberry Finn, and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Bridge. Some of his other work includes Crossfire, Him, Nothing More, and the novella, The Brigand and the Boat. Tom Stoppard also wrote the column, the Stay In column, for Harper's magazine, and starred in the popular TV series, The Wonder Years.During the week of May 17, 2020, Stoppard conducted an interview with the online journal, The Overseer. His first essay topic was his favorite film of all time, Roman Holiday. Stoppard said of the film:His second essay topics focused on The Phantom of the Opera, L'Aiglon, and A Chorus Line. His final essay topic was Stoppard's literary influences, and his favorite novels of all time. His final essay topics ranged from The Phantom of the Opera to History for the Masses and his three favorite novels.In this interview, Tom Stoppard was very clear and con cise. He knew exactly what to say and what not to say and at times it would seem that he was speaking a foreign language. He did however, have a wonderful voice that has captured audiences everywhere and his personality and humor makes every encounter with him a wonderful experience.All in all, this interview was an enjoyable and informative discussion that Tom Stoppard had with the Overseer. He was clear and concise with his thoughts and his writing is the kind that you love and his essay topics are some of the best that he has ever written.